"We need to improve our present as well as ensure the future of North Carolina.  In order to do that we need to improve our schools, and healthcare systems, protect our environment, and create more jobs that pay a living wage.  These are my top priorities. With your help we can make North Carolina better."

Our students have a right to high-quality public education and it is time to end our one size fits all approach to education. 

  • We must provide more mental health training for our teachers to help ensure their safety and the safety of our students.  

  • We must increase public school funding and teacher's pay. We must begin investing in our high-quality teachers and giving them the respect that they truly deserve by paying them as professionals that hold our future in their hands.

  • We need to reduce and/or eliminate obstacles that prevent our teachers from doing their job such as not having necessary supplies.  

  • We must reduce the number of high stakes tests.

  • We need to provide more career track options for our students. And give students and their families, in collaboration with the student's teachers, counselors, and administrators, more control over setting the course of their future.

  • We must remain committed to low tuition for NC students so that college is a viable option for any talented student regardless of the family's financial situation. 

  • We must expand our Forgivable Education Loans for Service program.


Most of the benefits of the recovering economy are going to those at the top, but everyday families are still struggling to get by. 

  • We must increase the minimum wage to a living wage.

  • We should open the State 401k retirement plan to private sector workers.

  • We should expand Medicaid which will create more jobs.


It is time to put partisan politics aside and what is right for the people of North Carolina. Let's work together to expand access to and lower the cost of quality whole person healthcare for the people of our state.

  • We must expand Medicaid which will provide an estimated 500,000 North Carolinians with health coverage, while also injecting about $15 billion in federal funds into the state economy of a ten-year period. 

  • We must develop a plan and take action to address substance use in our state.


One of our government's top priorities should be to protect the health and safety of the people of North Carolina.  We must protect drinking water for every North Carolinian and not allow polluters to pass clean-up costs on to ratepayers. We must also ensure the safety of our environment for future generations.

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